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Do You Have a Blue Carbon Project?
The OS to scale climate projects.
Access upfront funding.
Ivy is building the infrastructure to connect pre-certified environmental projects with funding and resources — quicker, reliably, and easier to manage.
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Full data flows connecting
Complete mangrove project
Powering the carbon market’s top teams.
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Get your blue carbon project investment ready.
LIVE NOW — Submit your project data and get access to funding and resources for your blue carbon project. Ivy’s blue carbon forms process your project data into industry-aligned formats — giving you access to investors, third-party auditors, and eligibility assessors.
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VM007 Methodology and VM0033  Methodology
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Ivy Native Form Preview
Ivy Native Form Preview
A new era of tech-enabled forward financing
Project owners
Provide your project data, receive funding.
Receive early-stage capital for your nature-based project — start by submitting your project data.
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Market Players
Early stage environmental assets, secure procurement.
Explore Ivy’s pre-vetted inventory and request access to early-stage nature-based projects that are using Ivy for seamless financing.
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The techy stuff
Fully integrated suite to tap into the nature-credit markets.
Specs onboarded in minutes, not weeks
Your raw project data is streamlined through our project-specific onboarding interface — simple to use and interoperable with all market participants.
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All project details, unified in one place
Say goodbye to spreadsheets and PDFs — Our platform is designed to manage and display relevant project data — easy and interoperable for all market participants.
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Share data with all stakeholders
Our API is built to allow market participants, including investors, insurance, and third-party providers, to integrate and work with project data in the most efficient way possible.
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Third-parties, seamlessly integrated
Ivy’s pre-vetted partner network works seamlessly with our data architecture — unlocking 100+ investors, marketplaces, insurance, and third-party providers.
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Your favorite third-parties for secured forward deals
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Feasibility check
Through our feasibility integration, third-party validators can prove the viability of the submitted project data — reducing funding risk and getting projects ready 10x more efficiently.
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Standardized Procurement Contracts
Secure & standardized carbon forward agreements provided by third-party law firms through our contract integration — reduce weeks of negotiation and development.
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coming soon
Insurance shield icon
With our insurance integration, you will be able to seamlessly integrate insurance into your forward deal — reducing delivery risk of your NBS Project.
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Our rating integration will allow you to add ratings to your early-stage carbon project — showing the credibility of your NBS Project.
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Database + API
The home for everything forward finance
Ivy Dashboard Illustration - The Home For Everything Forward Finance
The new standard for modern carbon project financing.
Manage project data, structure deal flows, and collaborate with third parties to get your project financed quicker.
Data visualization. Charts, graphs, and maps to provide insights into projects.
Project highlights. Unique and important data points, highlighted to provide quick insights.
Data pull. Extract specific data through our API or export data in various formats (e.g. PDF, CSV, Excel) for use in other systems.
Industry aligned. Assessment forms are constantly aligned with industry-leading formats.
Data repository. All data collected in the form is aggregated in one place, making it easy to access.
Dynamic updates. Information can updated in a click to ensure the data is accurate and timely.
Meet the Ivy Team.
The backend of the backend.
Ivy is more than just technology, it's a movement driven by a passionate team of visionaries who believe that nature holds the key to a better future.
Niklas Terrahe
Co-Founder & CEO
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Liam Hänel
Co-Founder & COO
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Gilad Bechor
Co-Founder & CPO
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Daniel Ortiz
Head of Carbon Solutions
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Euan Hay
Engineering Lead
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Ieva Blazauskaite
Marketing Lead
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Chorng Jim Lim
Full Stack Developer
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We are on a mission to harmonize planetary health with our economic system
The process of developing high-quality environmental assets (creating scientific methodologies, quantifying ecosystem health, building financial instruments, and funding the execution of project development) requires tight coordination.

Ivy is developing the tech stack for a united environmental market, aiming to permanently embed natural capital (e.g, ecosystem functions and CO2 reduction) into the economic system — combating climate change at the largest scale.